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Beacon Plagiarism Article

Computer plagiarism 'threatens the value of degrees' by John Clare, Education Editor, Weekly Telegraph

Lessons in Internet Plagiarism by Katie Hafner, New York Times, Thursday June 28, 2001.

Questions of plagiarism test clergy  by  David Runk, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Saturday, March 16, 2002.

Plagiarism soars as students crib from internet  by Liz Lightfoot, Education Correspondent, Weekly Telegraph

PLAGIARIZE: Your word of the day from 3/12/2006

Plagiarism Claim Leaves Celtic Poet Lost for Words

Sun-Times Cuts Columnist On Plagiarism Accusation

University of Miami Plagiarism Memorandum

Technology Exposes Cheating at U-Va.  by Amy Argetsinger Washington Post Staff Writer
                                                                   Wednesday, May 9, 2001; Page A01

Writer Who Cried Plagiarims Used Passages From Another

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